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Pictorial Listing of Selected Begonia cultivars
Division F, Classes 68-75
Rex Cultorum,

Division F, Classes 68-69. Leaves small

'Black Beauty'

'Mini Merry'

Mr Kartuz

Divison F, Classes 70-71, Leaves medium,


'Blue Wings'

'Deco Darkness'

'Deco Dawn'

'Faries Favorite'


'Marion Louise'


'Rolling Thunder'

'Two Face'

Division F, classes 72-73, Leaves large.

'Bob Cochran'

'Casey Corwin'

'Comet Bopp Hale'

'Deco Daddy'

'Deco Dervish

'Deco Delight'

'Deco Twirl

'Deco Wonder'

'Dejah Thoris'







'Houston Fiesta'

'Marcus Auralius'

'Marion Palmer'

'Mexican Adelia'

'Midnight Magic'

'Merry Christmas'


'Sea Serpent'

'Sexy Rexy'

'Simple Simon'

'Venetian Red'

Division F, class 74-75, Upright stemmed.

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