Astros Branch - American Begonia Society


The following are either outlines of programs that have been presented or are ideas for future branch programs.

Contact the web master to contribute or comment on any of these presentations.

Programs for Branch Meetings

Plant Description

  1. Begonias 101 - Author unknown. An introduction to begonias.
  2. Show Classifications of begonias. - B. Claybaugh. A discussion of plant growth habits and how this is used in begonia show classifications.
  3. Begonias of Section Gireoudia - B. Claybaugh. A review of the characteristics of the begonias of Section Gireoudia.
  4. Latin American Species - B. Claybaugh. A review of Latin American begonia species in cultivation.
  5. Asian Begonias - B. Claybaugh. A review of asian species in cultivation.
  6. African Begonias - B. Claybaugh. A review of african species in cultivation and some of their cultivars.
  7. Rhizomatous Begonias.
  8. Minature Begonias.
  9. Hybrids of selected Hybridizers.

General Plant Care

  1. Growing Begonias - Classification and General Culture - Bill Claybaugh
  2. Potting Medium and Fertilizer.
  3. Grooming for Show.
  4. Pest Control.

Gardening Under Lights

  1. Begonias are not Indeterminate- Jack Golding. A research study on the effects of light on blooming.

Terrarium Culture

  1. Please submit a program on Terrarium Culture.

Begonias as Yard plants

  1. Landscaping with Begonias - Tom Keepin. Recomendations on growing begonias as yard plants including selecting varieties.
  2. Watering Systems - Bill Claybaugh. Suggestions for a yard and flowerbed automatic watering system
  3. Begonias as Yard Plants - Bill Claybaugh. Trial results and recommendations for begonias as yard plants

Plant Propagation

  1. Five reasons to hybridize begonias - Freda Holley.
  2. Growing Begonias from Seeds. - Freda Holley. Originally presented as a seminar at the SW Region meeting in 1998.
  3. Growing Begonias from Seeds - Two - Freda Holley. A detailed outline of how to grow from seed to seedling.
  4. Vegetative Propagation of Begonias. - Bill Claybaugh. Several techniques to propagate from stems and leaves.
  5. Rhizomatous Roundup. - Leigh Boyer. An overview on propagation of rhizomatous begonias.


  1. Plants Botanical Description and Nomenclature.
  2. Inflorescence and Flower Description.
  3. Use of the Begoniaceae Key for plant identification.

Field Trips

  1. Botanical garden visits.
  2. Branch Visits.
  3. Home visits and picnics.

Seasonal Events

  1. Shipping cuttings and plants - Bill Claybaugh. A "how-to" lesson on shipping plants and parts.
  2. Getting ready for Winter.
  3. Getting ready for Summer.

Workshops and Group Events

  1. Show and Tell.
  2. Mounting begonias on wall boards - Tom Keepin. A detailed review of materials and techniques for mounting begonias on wall boards.
  3. Making Hanging Baskets.
  4. Plants and cuttings Swap.
  5. Annual Plant Sales.
  6. Sowing seeds.