Astros Branch - American Begonia Society

Site Objectives

This web site is designed to give to the the Begonia lover, a data base of important information on a large number of the newer, more popular begonia cultivars. Data has also been accumulated on a large number of species. The principal reference sources have been: In addition, a large number of photos have been accumulated from private plant collections and from various Begonia shows. These are displayed as either sets of photos or as individual pictures for identification purposes.

Data Base

There has been no attempt to make the data base encompass all of the 12000+ named begonia cultivars. That task will be left to others. Similarly, there was no attempt to include all of the 1500+ recognized begonia species. That job is also being undertaken by others.

At this point in time the web site contains information on:

Most begonia cultivar data can be assessed either by an alphabetical or by "horticultural type" listing.

Individual entries
Each individual entry contains the following information, when available:
Written description
The web site does not contain a description of the plants in words. The reader must refer to the source material for this information.